Forensic Data Analytics

What good is data from a device if you can’t decipher and decode it? Triangle Forensics can not only protect, secure and recover data and sensitive file information from mobile phones and other devices such as computers, tablets and wearables, but our team can also analyze and prepare reports of all data scraped and downloaded.

Whether you’re securing information from attacks or hackers, or whether you need to download important information from a device for legal or other use, Triangle Forensics can help with all devices and software and hardware packages such as Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Mac and PC, and many smartphone and network devices and hardware.

Our team works with legal experts and can counsel your attorney or legal defense team in preparing cases or as acting expert testimony in your trial. Criminal jury and benches will respond to your case better with expert testimony from our digital forensics team who’ve expertly decoded and analyzed whatever data you need.

Contact our team in the Raleigh, Durham,Chapel Hill or Cary areas with any forensic data analysis needs.