Data Recovery

There are many reasons you might need to recover data from an electronic device or gadget. Triangle Forensics can help meticulously recover data from your computer, mobile device, smartphone or other electronic, finding all the information that most backup apps and service providers can carelessly miss.

Whether you need to scrape information from a partially damaged or destroyed object, or whether you simply need to know for sure that you’ve downloaded every bit of sensitive information from a device, Triangle Forensics in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake County can help.

Triangle Forensics can also provide expert witness testimony on the subject of data recovery. Whether you’re going through the legal process or consulting with legal counsel about future judicial inquiry, Triangle Forensics can provide the knowledge and testimony that can help your case.

Triangle Forensics works with all types of files, hardware and software, such as Apple iOS iPhones and iPads, Android Google phones, Windows phones, PCs and Macintosh software, other Smartphone manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung and LG, and many more types. And remember, mobile phones can contain multiple software packages and types such as SMS text messaging and compressed web data that can be hard to download. Let the professionals help when you need to know for sure.