E-discovery (or ediscovery) is the process of collecting data and records and information from collections of data or stores of records, files and other information. Triangle Forensics aids clients in the processing and reviewing of this data after searching through large stores and caches of records. This involves the technical methods of extracting data that may be encrypted, hidden, or even damaged and destroyed, as well as information that may have been partially or completely erased and in need of a complete recovery.

Triangle Forensics can also help in the digital review of this information into readable and actionable documents for our clients and their clients. This can involve programming once native documents and data into modern file types or other standardized communication apps.

Whether you need information extracted and made sense of by a forensics expert, need data encrypted and protected when extracted, or need an expert who can pull records and files from multiple areas and make sense of it, Triangle Forensics can help in the review of any data or legally held information and records.

Our team is located in the Raleigh Chapel Hill, Durham, Apex, Cary NC areas as well as throughout Durham county, Orange county and Wake county and can perform in all types of hardware and software environments. Contact us as soon as possible to get started.