Whenever digital forensics are needed, Triangle Forensics and our team of Professional Investigators can help! Victim of Computer Crime? Have a Cheating Spouse? Need help investigating business fraud? We can help! Digital Forensics are needed in many different types of situations. In essence, whenever you need to recover data, photos, or video from a digital device for an investigation or prosecution, you need the help of a top notch Forensic Investigator! With over 15 years of helping clients, Triangle Forensics is a company you can trust to do the job and do it well! Our experience as IT Consultants, coupled with our licensing and experience with Forensic Investigations makes us the best choice for your Digital Forensic needs!

Divorce / Custody

We can help build your legal defense with expert testimony, data protection and recovery of vital information.LEARN MORE

Cyber Stalking / Harassment / Sextortion

Whether you need social media accounts scraped and downloaded, or protected and secured, we can help.LEARN MORE

General Criminal and Civil

Prepare an airtight civil or criminal defense with the proper cyber consulting and data.LEARN MORE

Capital Crimes / Death Penalty

We have significant experience in consulting and expert testimony for capital crimes and death penalty legal proceedings.LEARN MORE

Forensic Accounting Support

Our team can support a data retrieval project from large caches and stores of accounting information and bookkeeping.LEARN MORE

Corporate Espionage / Antitrust

f your business or corporation needs information or data related to antitrust proceedings, contact usLEARN MORE

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud legal proceedings often need the help and expertise of veteran forensics investigators and we can help.LEARN MORE

Data Theft & Intellectual Property

Stolen data and fraud can be crippling for a business. We can help.LEARN MORE