Data Collections

E-discovery (or ediscovery) is the process of collecting data and downloading records and information from collections of data or large stores of records, files and other information. Triangle Forensics can aid in the process of meticulously combing through large stores and caches of data, either by third party or otherwise, and can properly decode, download and extract information from multiple file sources, file types and different directories and software packages.

Whether you need information extracted and made sense of by a legal expert, need data encrypted and protected when extracted, or need an expert who can pull data from multiple areas and make sense of it, Triangle Forensics can help. One of the most important facets of any battle in court can be corroborating data or evidence that can be used to help in a legal defense or protect against incorrect testimonies.

These services are essential to a forensic investigation with any cyber legal defense:

Hard Drive / Raid Drive Data Recovery
Recovery of Deleted Emails / Texts / Facebook Messages
Recovery of Deleted Browser History
Recovery of Deleted Mobile Phone Records
Recovery of Deleted Computer Files
Image / Video Recovery with Watermarking
Triangle Forensics can help protect and recover sensitive data, and can also search for important related information to any legal case or ediscovery project. Jury trials and bench trials can both be helped significantly with digital reconnaissance and cyber security procedures that can properly decode and analyse information.

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