Digital Forensics

Triangle Forensics can assist in the digital recovery process of hard drives, browser history, emails, text messages (SMS), Facebook, Twitter and social media posts, video, mobile phone records and more. When you need court admissible forensic evidence, our team can help secure, extract, protect and analyze information that most simple apps and programs miss. When you need expert testimony pertaining to multiple facets of digital security Triangle Forensics can help with consultation and legal information.

Mobile Devices

Data can be collected from cellular and mobile devices from multiple methods even if others have tried to destroy information. We can help.


Data Breach Prevention and Response

Triangle Forensics can help protect your digital information from hackers and malware.LEARN MORE

Data Recovery

Whether data was partially destroyed or deleted, or simply lost, our team can help recover digital data.LEARN MORE

Cyber Security Incident Response

We can help your organization formulate proper protection and response protocol for all cyber-related incidents.LEARN MORE

Network Threat Assessment & Penetration Testing

We can help your IT and communication services prevent hacks and unwanted SPAM and malware attacks.LEARN MORE

Forensic Data Analytics

Triangle Forensics can analyze data and network reports from multiple file types and software systems for businesses.LEARN MORE

Digital Security Defense

We’ll help secure your data from the most sophisticated hackers and malware and spyware.LEARN MORE